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  1. WIDE OPEN: The title track is about taking more chances and putting fear aside… living wide open like there is no tomorrow and exchanging regret for Peace.

  2. WEEDS: The message is one of soulful encouragement to get rid of anything negative in life and move on from anyone and anything dragging you down.

  3. LONESOME HIGHWAY: With a powerful plea in her voice, Macleod goes back to her days on the road as a young girl failing to find love time and time again.

  4. FLEUR DI LIS: Written by fellow artist Jeff Berkley (also from Louisiana), this song takes you down the path of leaving family and loved ones to follow your dreams.

  5. ROCK-A MY SOUL: Kelly took the old African-American spiritual that says, “Rock-a my soul in the bosom of Abraham Oh, rock-a my soul” and created a rockin’ tune in celebration of her faith.

  6. THIS OLD WOOD: With vivid childhood memories, Kelly takes you back to the house she was born and raised in, along with the fond moments that are left behind and how they shaped her life.

  7. SCHOOL CHURCH AND A HIGHWAY: Parth Huxley put this song together that instantly resonated with Kelly and inspired her to make it her own. It puts a clever twist on coming from a small town and eventually leaving it to seek more out of life.  A great road trip song for sure.

  8. QUIT YOU: Painstakingly relatable, Kelly wrote this about the complex place that can lure you to love someone or something that you know is wrong.

  9. LITTLE LESS CONVERSATION: Originally recorded by Elvis Presley, Kelly’s version of this 70’s hit brings  a fun role reversal by serving the lyric up from the woman instead of the man. A video is forthcoming for the track.

  10. TIL YOU KNOW: A haunting song that shares the pain of being in situations that can’t be predicted and sometimes come with regret and loss. Its message suggests taking a good look at what you have with a grateful heart.

  11. GIRLSCOUT COOKIES AND WINE: A cheeky number written when Kelly discovered that the bad day she had endured might be a little better with a glass of wine and a couple girl scout cookies… Catchy, fun and an absolute favorite with the girls in concert.

  12. AMEN: This track closes the record, with Kelly reflecting back on her years as a recording artist touring the world. It addresses the loneliness and uncertainty that came along with it, and shares the prayer that kept her going.

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