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I just can’t EVER stop playing music!

That seems like the best way to sum up where my heart is and will always be.

It’s been a minute since I have toured or played local shows. The Pandemic came

along and swiftly re arranged all my plans for my solo release record WIDE OPEN in 2021. After several postponements, I did finally release it and had a magical Record Release party and show that August in Pasadena.

Sadly, the pandemic managed to leave plenty of holes in the singer/songwriter/musician’s world and seems to enjoy malingering around to this day! As a performer and songwriter it stifled me in so many ways and it has definitely been a slow process getting back on the horse with my music.

I am thrilled to say that I am ridin’ that horse again!

I recently brought a new guitar player on board with me for my next music chapter. Meet Wesley Haas ! Wes and I know each other from the church we both attend (I actually watched him grow up there) and my producer Phil Swann who also attends that church played musical match maker for us.

We are playing out for the first time this weekend at the FAR WEST Music conference in Woodland Hills CA. Opening night was stellar and I swear it felt like we had been playing together for decades. I will post some video from one of our performances at the conference soon.

We will be hopping around locally very soon for some shows and then….Who knows! Stay tuned to find out !!

As always, thank you to all my fans that continue to support and remind me what a gift it is to express myself through my music for others

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